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The Operation and Management (O&M) Section oversees the operation of Vermont's municipal, large, private and industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTFs) through periodic on-site inspections. The section also conducts oversight of effluent data collection activities by inspection of effluent sample collection, and laboratory testing procedures. The section is involved in technical review of many aspects of wastewater treatment facility management (i.e. twenty year engineering evaluations, design review for upgrades, complaint investigations, emergency pollution permit requests, etc.)

New inspector assignments effective April 1, 2012


Operation, Management and Emergency Response Plans (also known as Sewage Spill Prevention Plans)

In 2006, the Vermont Legislature passed legislation which created new discharge permit requirements for municipal wastewater treatment facilities. That legislation (Act 154) requires all municipal wastewater treatment facilities to prepare and implement an Operation, Management and Emergency Response Plan (also known as OMER Plans or Sewage Spill Prevention Plans (SSPP)). The Act becomes effective on July 1, 2007.  The Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources has determined that OMER Plans for the wastewater treatment facility pump stations and sewerline stream crossings must be submitted to the Department by April 1, 2008.  The OMER Plans for the collection system must be submitted by July 1, 2010, or as part of the discharage permit application for discharge permits which expire on or after July 1, 2010.  Please see the August 29, 2007 Implementation Letter link, below.

August 29, 2007 Implementation Letter           PDF format   24 kb   2 pages







ACT 154                                                                    PDF format   18 kb   3 pages


In an effort to help municipalities comply with this new requirement the Wastewater Section has teamed with the Green Mountain Water Environment Association (GMWEA) to develop guidance for preparing OMER Plans. In August 2007 the Department prepared the "Written Guidance for Preparation of Plans to Prevent Sewage Spills", identifying the critical elements that must be incorporated into the OMER Plans.  At the November 6, 2007 Green Mountain Water Environment Association meeting the Department presented a Powerpoint seminar that defined some of the terms and considerations involved in the preparation of OMER Plans, including a method for quantifying the assessment of risk from treatment component failures, a "probability-risk matrix".

NEW   Additional Collection System Guidance

PDF 330 kb 5 pages
November 6, 2007 GMWEA Powerpoint Presentation PDF 68 kb 5 pages
Written Guidance For Preparation of Plans to Prevent Sewage Spills PDF 34 kb 4 pages
Guidance Attachment A PDF 14 kb 2 pages
Guidance Attachment B PDF 11 kb 1 page


On January 4, 2008 the Department completed preparation of an Example OMER Plan based on the plan submitted for the Village of Northfield WWTF.

Example OMER Plan with Attachment A (List 1) PDF 86 kb 18 pages
Example OMER Plan with Attachment A (List 1) Word 88 kb 18 pages
Attachment B (WWTF plan) PDF 1.3 mb 2 pages
Attachment C (Collection system plan)  PDF 1.1 mb 1 page
Attachment D (Notification lists) PDF 225 kb 3 pages


Reported Sewer Overflow Incidents







Reported Sewer Overflows

The above link will display information regarding recent sewer overflows that have been reported to the Wastewater Management Section.   The search criteria is auto-filled for the previous 30 days.  To see additional (earlier) data, simply adjust the begin date.   NOTE:   There is no data available prior to January 1, 2007.


Wilmington VT sewer overflow

Photo taken by John Lazelle, Chief Operator,

Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Facility

This overflow situation was reported and immediately addressed by the operators.

Sewer overflows may have the potential to pose
a threat to human health or the environment.


The Town of Bennington gives credit for discovery of this manhole breach to a

Molly Stark School 4th grader. Repairs were made promptly by the Bennington

Wastewater Department.














A telltale block is a simple and effective means of detecting an overflow



O&M Highlights







Looking for training? Click here for the most recent information about operator training opportunities.

     New O&M Inspector Assignments effective April 1, 2012

Facilities in Counties O&M Inspector Telephone








Liz Dickson



Grand Isle




Dave DiDomenico




    (except Essex Junction, Burlington Transfer Station and Chittenden Solid Waste District)



Jeff Fehrs



A message to wastewater treatment facilities from Efficiency Vermont


Efficiency Vermont's water and wastewater initiative is focused on understanding Vermont's water and wastewater market, and increasing electrical efficiency within it. To date, Efficiency Vermont has worked with more than 65 water and wastewater facilities throughout Vermont, and we can tailor our services to meet your needs. In general, the customized services we provide consist of both technical and financial assistance, in addition to educational outreach and training efforts.


We focus on the following types of facilities and projects:
-municipal and private
-water and wastewater
-treatment facilities and pump stations
-new construction, renovation, and equipment replacement


Wastewater Facility Operator Certification Program

The Wastewater Facility Operator Certification Program is administered by the O&M Section. For information on the date, time and place of upcoming Operator Certification tests as well as the availability of training courses and seminars click here: Operator Training


Monitoring Report Forms

Form Number

Form Title


WR-43-3-9004 Discharges from Petroleum Related Remediation Activities
32 KB


Phosphorus Monitoring Report Form


20 KB
WR-43-PO4 Phosphorus Monitoring Report Form (fill-in form)
36 KB
  Instruction Packet for Phosphorus Reporting
  Phosphorus Loading Spreadsheet developed by Jim Jutras for tracking total annual phosphorus
WR-43-TN Total Nitrogen Monitoring Report Form 20 KB
WR-43-TN Total Nitrogen Monitoring Report Form (MS Excel)  
WR-43-CM Constituents Monitoring Report Form for POTWs 96 KB
WR-43-CM Constituents Monitoring Report Form for POTWs (fill-in form) 29KB


We will be making additional forms available in the near future. Please check back periodically. To request a supply of paper forms, please telephone 802-490-6105.

Click here for .... Laboratory Assistance

Laboratory Assistance (lab manual, links to lab vendors, etc) has it's own page!




Operations and Management Section

Liz Dickson
Environmental Analyst 802-490-6183

Dave DiDomenico

Environmental Analyst 802-490-6184

Jeff Fehrs

Environmental Engineer 802-490-6185

Ernie Kelley

Program Manager 802-490-6187

Note: Written communications to and from state officials regarding state business are considered public records and therefore may be subject to public scrutiny.


 Other Watershed Management Division Staff Contacts


Emergency Pollution Permits

Schedule E: Emergency Pollution Permit WR-82E:

PDF Form  (4 pages)          MS Word  (3 pages)




Rules and Regulations

Wastewater Facility Operator Certification Regulations (PDF, 67KB)
Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy (PDF, 2.35MB)
Written Guidance
Guidelines for Wastewater Treatment Inspection Ratings   (PDF, 55KB)
Basis of Final Design Guidance Document  (PDF, 147KB)
Guidance for Establishing Influent and Effluent Sampling Locations - March 21, 2007 (PDF, 13KB)
Written Guidance For Preparation of Plans to Prevent Sewage Spills - August 13, 2007 (PDF, 46.5KB)
New England Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC)

Water Environment Federation (WEF)

New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA)
Green Mountain Water Environment Association (GMWEA)
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