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Help Stick-it to Aquatic Invasive Species!

graphic showing winning sticker design

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) like Zebra Mussels, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Rusty Crayfish and Water Chestnut seriously threaten Vermont’s lakes, ponds and streams.  Non-native invasive species such as these threaten native species and ecosystems, hamper recreation, and cost municipalities and the State of Vermont hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in control and prevention efforts.

For a $10 donation you can support these efforts and receive a beautiful first edition ANS sticker to proudly display on your boat, canoe or kayak; trailer, car or truck; water bottle or tackle box; anywhere!

Why should I buy a sticker?

To show that you proudly support efforts to protect Vermont’s precious water resources!  Displaying your sticker helps spread public awareness about the problem of aquatic invasive species, and encourages Vermonters and visitors to remain vigilant about preventing new infestations.

Where does the money go?

 When you buy an Aquatic Nuisance Species Sticker, your money goes directly into the grant-in-aid program that financially supports Vermont towns fighting local infestations or actively preventing pests from spreading to their local waterbodies. 

Where can I find more information about aquatic nuisance species?

Please visit the Watershed Management Division’s Aquatic Invasive Species web site to find detailed information about aquatic nuisance species in Vermont, and about efforts to control and prevent their spread.


How can I purchase a sticker or get more information?

If you have questions or would like to purchase the ANS Sticker, please call (802) 490-6120 or email Ann Bove.

VT DEC Watershed Management Division 1 National Life Drive, Main 2  Montpelier, VT  05620-3522  Tele: 802-828-1535    Fax: 802-828-1544

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