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Lakes & Ponds Management and Protection Program

The Lakes & Ponds Management and Protection Program monitors the health of Vermont's lakes, determines the causes of problems, and develops ways to solve them. Our staff provides lake and shoreland management and protection assistance to municipalities, lake associations, and individuals. We also administer permits for aquatic nuisance species control and lake encroachment  projects.

Kettle Pond

Below are links to the latest information on the shoreland bill currently under consideration by the legislature. Under What's New at right you'll find additional resources on shorland science and management.


Act 138 Report

Frequently Asked Questions regarding H.526 as passed by the Senate (PDF, 320 KB)

This document summarizes the status of H.526 and answers common questions based on the bill as it was passed by the Senate.  As of March 13th, 2014, H.526 is being taken up by a Conference Committee comprised of members of the House and Senate


Side by side comparison

A Side-By-Side Comparison of the H.526 as passed by the House and Senate (PDF, 199KB)

This 42 page document outlines line by line the differences between H.526 as passed by the House and H.526 as passed by the Senate.


Vt Federation of lakes and ponds

Federation of Vermont’s Lakes and Ponds Legislative Updates (External Website)

The federation is dedicated to the conservation of Vermont lakes and ponds through development and promotion of environmental quality standards.  The Legislative Updates page provides information on legislation currently under consideration by the House and Senate.





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